Andrea Renner

Washington County Ministry Director

I grew up in a loving, Christian home just a few miles from Washington County. I trusted Christ when I was very young, and my parents thoughtfully surrounded me with Biblical truths, from church and school to music and movies. After graduating from Heritage Academy in 2000, I studied secondary education at Pensacola Christian College and earned my degree in 2004. I've worked at three Christian schools here in Washington County and I've taught junior high and senior high Sunday school classes over the past fifteen years.

God has burdened my heart for the youth of Washington County. I want every child to experience loving leadership that points to Christ. I want teenagers to find freedom in the Truth of God's Word. I want to watch bad habits fade away as we teach teenagers how to trust Jesus and lead their friends to Him.

As a mom of three, I look forward to enhancing our local Youth For Christ programs. Adding my own special interests like music, drama, and sports would be a blessing to our family. Adding more meeting times and places would reach more teens. And knitting together public, private and homeschool students would leave no one excluded. Please pray that God uses me to connect His local disciples with the young people that need their Christian influence!