Barb Hanna

Social Media Ministry

I grew up in the church, but I did not realize that I needed to make a decision to have a personal relationship with Christ until I started coming to Campus Life when I was in 10th grade. CMYFC brought a Christian comedian to the schools in October of that year and then had him do an evening show that ended with an altar call, to which I responded. I stayed involved with Campus Life after that, became a student leader and even helped start a Bible Club at my high school (one of the first in the county!) Campus Life helped me grow in my faith and my new relationship with Jesus. After I graduated, I stayed involved with YFC, first as a volunteer leader with Campus Life, then as a prayer supporter and financial supporter, next as a steering committee member and finally in my current role as part-time staff. I started on staff working with student-led Bible Clubs in the schools (specifically Walkersville Middle and Gov. TJ Middle) but as my kids got older and started school themselves, I couldn't attend club meetings anymore.

Now I work with CMYFC in Social Media Ministry.  I manage this website for our ministry and also the CMYFC Facebook Page.  I train and assist the rest of the staff in using social media to reach out to their current and potential students, volunteers, and supporters. 

My husband Harry is a teacher with Frederick County Public Schools. We are the proud parents of 4 children: 14-year-old Michael, 12-year-old Elizabeth, 9-year-old Benjamin, and 4-year-old Rachel. 

In my spare time I am taking up scrapbooking (trying to catch up on 14 years of pictures of kids!) and I like reading and watching TV.   I also do a lot of baking and have learned how to decorate cakes (a side-effect of having a kid with an egg allergy!) Three of my favorite things are ice cream, chocolate, and the novel Pride and Prejudice (I also like the BBC mini-series adaptation!)

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