Cindy Williams

Frederick Area Ministry Director

My family moved every two years when I was a child.  I learned the skill of conforming to my environment and blending into the culture. Some of these life lessons were to my advantage; some of the trials I faced took me off course from who God created me to be.  After attending eight schools (k-12), I attended Clemson University and met my husband Steve. Celebrating 34 years of marriage, we live in Walkersville where we raised our 5 children in the same hometown for 31 years. 

Although I was raised in the church and had a strong faith as a child, when I was 25, I realized how stagnant my faith had become.  Jesus met me where I was and my life changed forever.

A trusting faith in Jesus as my Savior and my life experiences and trials are what God uses to help me reach middle school students and their families as the Campus Life [Middle] Director for the past nine years. Yet, there is always something to learn, especially as our culture continues to change.  Keeping informed and educated is necessary. 

I cannot do this alone… Jesus has coordinated a full team of gifted people who dedicate many hours to the mission.  Leadership development is becoming a stronger focus, as we train and develop middle and high school student leaders, recruit and inspire adults and hired our first two college interns for 2016. 

Want more information?  It’s an honor to dedicate my life to this calling.  Don’t think of your age, race, educational background, or other demographics as an indicator for joining this team.  Let God define you and follow His lead.