Jessica Stottlemyer

Gov. Thomas Johnson Campus Life Intern

Greetings.  My name is Jessica Stottlemyer.  I am the college intern at Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle Campus Life club.

I am currently finishing up my last year at Frederick Community College majoring in General Studies. God has provided so many amazing opportunities for me this year, and for that I’m so grateful!

Our afterschool outreach meets middle schoolers working to help establish a solid foundation for life. We provide time for students to socialize with friends, play games, have conversations with trusted adults about the things they are going through, eat dinner, and most importantly, learn the truth about Jesus.

I spent 3 years as a volunteer leader with Campus Life, and I am so excited to be more involved as a site’s intern for the 2nd year! I will receive more training and experience behind-the-scenes and will be taking on more of a leadership role on club days. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me in this amazing opportunity!

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