Whitney Brain

Interim Business Manager

I grew up in the church and came to the Lord at 10 years old. After hearing about Christ all those years, I decided I wanted start my own relationship with Christ and get baptized. It was no longer that I felt I had to attend church because of my family, but I wanted to attend for my own growth in the Lord.

I am married to Jay and have three children: Jacob (married to Mallory), Megan (married to Kyle) and Madison. I also have a new grandson! Best of all, it pleases my heart that all of my children are doing their best to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

I have been familiar with YFC since I was 19 and worked as a volunteer. It was a fun, growing experience that I never forgot. I have stayed in touch with YFC throughout the years. I once organized a banquet that was held at Musket Ridge, and worked as the Office Administrator for 3 years until health issues forced me to leave. I am back now to help during this tranistion period.

This ministry has always had a fond place in my heart since it reaches out to many unsaved, unchurched kids. I am very humbled to be a part of Youth for Christ. I will do all I can to support the staff, so they can go and reach the kids.