On the morning of September 26, students across Frederick County and Washington County headed to school before the sun was up to pray at their flagpoles!  They prayed for their friends and the rest of the student body, for their teachers and administrators, for their country and the world.  And many prayed for themselves- that they would be better witnesses of Jesus in their schools!  We thank the many local churches and Fellowship of Christian Athletes for joining with Central Maryland Youth For Christ to spread the word about the event and encourage students to plan, lead, and attend!

Here are reports sent by advisors of clubs that lead SYATP events this year:

A picture only was sent from Oakdale High School (left.)

Report from Bill Offutt- YFC Campus Life club volunteer at Thurmont Middle (picture right): This morning at approximately 7am, over 16 students and adults assembled at the flagpole in front of Thurmont Middle School to pray for our school, community, and nation. Matthew Offutt, a 7th grader and member of Campus Life Thurmont opened the group in prayer.  Several students joined in with their thoughts and petitions. Ben Krauss another student and member of Campus Life closed in prayer. 

Report from Alison Blickenstaff, FCPS teacher and FCA club advisor at Urbana High:  Urbana High's FCA lead See You at the Pole this morning.  About 28 students stood around the flagpole at the main entrance and prayed for their classmates, school, friends, and families.  Seniors Chloe McQuillen and Lilly Stephens took the lead with the event.

Report from Darrin Drum, FCPS teacher and FCA club advisor at Walkersville High:  We had approximately 15 students and faculty total show up this morning.  Things went well overall with several students stepping up and praying in the group.  

Report from Katharine Becker, FCPS teacher and FCA club advisor at Linganore High (picture right):  Linganore HS had 4 adults and about 20 students gather and pray this morning.  Everyone took a turn around the circle to pray for our students, school, community and country.   

Report from Kalli DiBella, FCPS teacher and FCA club advisor at Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle (picture left):  TJ Middle had about 10 students and 4 staff members attend. The event was led by a 7th grade girl Peyton Schillay.  The students prayed for our country, our school, staff and students.  8th grade boy Christian Masser read scripture.

Report from Terry Furajter, FCPS teacher and FCA club advisor at Windsor Knolls Middle:  Wkms had 12 students participate this morning.

Report from Collin Delauter, FCPS teacher and FCA club advisor at Middletown High (picture right):  This morning SYATP was led by FCA student leader James Bongard. In total there were 18 students there!

There was a solitary student at Walkersville Middle School praying at the flagpole today (picture left.)



We also had a report of a WCPS school participating: Barbara Ingram School for the Arts (picture right.) Here is a report from Central Maryland YFC Executive Director Arn Bjorndal, who oversees the YFC student-led club there: There were 33 people there including a couple of teachers and bystanders. It was held under the flag, on the square in downtown Hagerstown. Very well organized. Bethany Norris and Jarred Shay were the main leaders but several other students also led. Sang praise & worship songs, talked about brokenness in our land and prayers for our school, community and country.